Addis Citizens Youth Football Academy

Man City Addis has been working towards launching a youth academy since October 2015. In collaboration with the Addis Ababa Football Federation, the organization established a legally recognized youth football academy to train aspiring young talent in 2022.

The academy currently boasts 30 trainees who receive coaching in football tactics, techniques, physical conditioning, sports psychology, and lessons in ethical values. Competitions are crucial in allowing children to apply what they have learned effectively. Our academy players, aged 17 and below, have been organized by the Addis Ababa Football Federation and actively participate in the football league.

In addition to their studies, players undergo football training three days a week and participate in weekend sessions, dedicating Sundays to matches. Considering the low-income groups in our society, we have provided support through partnering organizations. This support includes football kits, transportation, food, and other expenses, all offered free of charge. In a short period, we have become one of the top youth football academies in the city.

The anticipated objectives of Addis Cityzens Youth Football Academy Project is multi-dimensional: 

  • To train young athletes to enhance their skills and empower them to reach their highest potential.

  • To create opportunities to develop highly skilled talent who can compete on the international stage and catch the attention of recruiters.

  • To provide state-of-the-art training rooted in sports industry knowledge to help uncover the hidden potential talent locally.

  • To provide an accessible and open service as an option for everyone, allowing our society to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. 

  • To create a space where youth can learn and make life-long connections.