We have been giving ID to countryside city fans. When the annual fee is deposited into our bank account, the ID will be prepared and send to wherever you are by the people you know or any other means.

It serves only for one season. Every season the ID must be renewed. The annual Payment is Only 300 Birr!

Man city Addis is a nonprofit organization. We are registered as a nonprofit organization in civil society agency. We only get a fee for an annual payment. Our goal is to get more members and create a chance to organize all Man City fans through Out Ethiopia. That is our profit.

Yes, we meet at the Eliana Hotel, 12th floor Twist Addis, located at Piassa. every single match, regardless of when it is or what competition it is, unless otherwise mentioned on our social media.

Fans of other clubs are allowed to watch, as long as they follow the code of conduct of the Eliana Hotel. We ask them to be respectful of City and our supporters, and to respect where they are, just like one would if they were a neutral sitting in a supporters’ section of a stadium.

We do, and all proceeds go straight to our charity efforts.

It's only available on match day.